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Zuzana Kurkova is an attorney licensed in Washington, D.C. and the owner of Zuzana Kurkova Translations Interpretations.

Zuzana Kurkova was born in Czechoslovakia. Since early childhood she was an ambitious student. She attended special language classes in elemantary school that allowed her to study 1 more language than regular students. Upon graduation from an elementary school she mastered 2 foreign languages besides her native Slovak and Czech.

During High School, Mrs. Kurkova continued studying English and German Language and took part in German language competitions with remarkable results. In her extracullicular activities she studied French. Mrs. Kurkova also worked as an author and editor of a newsletter in Slovakia for 3 years. Mrs. Kurkova earned her High School graduation degree in Slovak, English and German Langugage. Additionally, Mrs. Kurkova received an English State Exam Certificate upon graduading from a 7 year course offered at State Language School.

Mrs. Kurkova was accepted to Matej Bel University Law School in 2003. Shortly, she became an exceptional student and received the Slovakian government grant for exceptional students. During her legal studies, she attended courses for Legal English, Legal German and Legal Spanish that lasted 3 years. Mrs. Kurkova graduated in the top 5% of her class in 2008 and received her Master of Law degree with magna cum laude. Her concentration was in Slovak and European Union Law. Mrs. Kurkova was the Speaker of her graduating class.

While still in law school, Mrs. Kurkova was accepted to The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law. She concentrated her studies in Business Law. Besides her 32 credit hour courses, Mrs Kurkova took additonal 17 credit hour courses. Mrs. Kurkova received a G.I.Bill to help finance her studies. Mrs. Kurkova received her LL.M. degree in 2009. Mrs Kurkova was the Speaker of the class during the Graduation ceremony. She was very popular and encouraged lot of foreign students to take the bar in the USA. Mrs. Kurkova was the first LL.M. student from The Ohio State University, Moritz College of Law to pass the bar exam in the USA. Mrs. Kurkova is a member of the Washington,D.C. Bar since 2009.

Mrs. Kurkova currently speaks 7 languages- Slovak, Czech, English, German, Spanish, French, Latin and is working on learning Russian. She is an accomplished piano player with a 7 year degree in music studies at Jan Cikker Art School in Slovakia. During her free time she enjoys to travel and learn new cultures. Recently, she went on trip to Europe and visited the famous Christmas Vienna!

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