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Zuzana Kurkova, Esq.

Zuzana Kurkova is the owner of Zuzana Kurkova Translations Interpretations company. Being born in Czechoslovakia during the 1980’s , Zuzana Kurkova grew up during one of the most interesting times of the country history.

Zuzana Kurkova was one of those first pupils that were allowed to learn English in special language classes in elementary schools after the fall of Berlin wall and removal of Russian occupation forces from Slovakia. Since the borders to the west were opened, Mrs. Kurkova life was dedicated to learn foreign languages.

As a native speaker of Slovak and Czech Language, Mrs. Kurkova worked as an author and editor of a newsletter in Slovakia for 3 years. Additionally, Mrs. Kurkova has studied English for the past 21 years. During her legal studies, she attended courses for Legal English that lasted 3 years. Furthermore, Mrs. Kurkova graduated from a special 7 year language course and passed a State Exam in English. Mrs. Kurkova also passed the TOEFL test. Furthermore, Mrs. Kurkova has studied German for the past 19 years. She also attended courses for Legal German that lasted 3 years while in law school. Mrs. Kurkova took part in German language competitions with remarkable results.

Mrs. Kurkova currently speaks 7 languages- Slovak, Czech, English, German, Spanish, French, Latin and is working on learning Russian. Her knowledge of local history, customs and language will give you an insight no other language service provider can offer.

Zuzana Kurkova is a law school graduate from Univerzita Mateja Bela in Slovakia. After 5 years of hard work, Mrs. Kurkova earned a Master of Law degree with magna cum laude. Her exceptional curriculum rewarded her with a government grant for exceptional students. Mrs. Kurkova was also awarded a G.I.Bill and further enriched her legal studies with a Master of Law degree from The Ohio State University with Concentration in Business Law. Mrs. Kurkova is the first Ohio State University LL.M. student that passed an American bar. Zuzana Kurkova is licensed as an attorney in Washington, D.C. since 2009. Her legal background in Slovak and European Union Law and U.S. Business Law gives her the expertise to work on legal, judicial and business translation projects you are looking for.

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